I remember the arcade games that had amazing level design for beatem' ups were Konami arcade games.

The Simpsons Arcade Game was so cartoony and simple in design. The animation was superb as well. I thank my local Chuck E. Cheese for always having this operating when I grew up.
The TMNT Arcade Game was another one with outstanding background. It even had one level of moving foreground. When I saw this in my theatre's arcade I was in awe.
But by far the best Konami level design was in Sunset Rider the Arcade Game. You had to open doors and shoot stuff and doors are always breaking open for villains. I love a good clutter as well and Sunset Riders did a great job doing that.
So if I could have level design that was cluttered and moving and interactive I would have my ideal game. Much like TMNT 2 The Arcade game. Now that all this is out of the way I can get into my ideal levels. These are a must if I had my on making a video game.
IDEAL LEVEL 1: City on fire!

You need a city on fire. Lucius buildings and smokey backgrounds and people running around as moving background while you (the player) knock out the bad guys. You'd crack open a box for health or maybe have a moment with people running and they drop food for health. If this is achieved then Level 1 is certainly ready to be played. 
IDEAL LEVEL 2: Frozen feats!

I love a good cold, chilly looking level. You have falling icicles maybe a running animal that takes health from you and the henchmen. It's awesome when you get a bunch of henchmen near bombs or a cliff and you knockem' over so in this case you/d want to get them under icicles or near running animals. Polish up a level with snow and beasts and you have second level ready to go.
IDEAL LEVEL 3: Fist full of beatings!

The thing I love about Space Johny is that is that any location is plausible. In one arc he can be in a jungle or a city or in the wild west. And wild west is where I want it. You get some moments where you have to walk around holes and jump canyons. The mid portion of this level would give you a animal to ride on with a train fight that leads to a mean climax. This is my Sunset Riders Tribute!
IDEAL LEVEL 4: 20,000 beatings under the sea!

I imagine this level would be a real tough one. Very little health is in this level because more shields would be offered. In this level you're underwater and inside of a bubble. What's funny is how the mechanics work. You can fight while in the bubble and land a punch but the henchmen can burst your bubble after taking a certain amount of beatings. I imagine you'd have a gauge but then again maybe the determination can be deciphered by the look of the bubble. I have a love/hate relationship with water levels. They're either fun and hard or hard and annoying. I'd make sure my water level is hard and fun.
IDEAL LEVEL 5: free fall brawl!

This is a flat out Earthworm Jim level ripoff with a hint of my creativity. I think the irony is that the level I'm ripping off is named Level 5. Well, the boss battle, atleast. Anyway, in this level you are dropping you are coming to the end. Well, the beginning of the end. At first the henchmen would fall from above and you'd get to a floor. Thing is, when when you think the level is over the floor explodes  from a blasts that came from above and you need to dodge those shots in order to live. If you do then the floor crumbles and you get to continue to fall but instead of having henchmen coming from above the now come from below. Overcome this and you deal with the shots again when you survive you move on.
IDEAL LEVEL 6: Doom Raker!

The battle is finally on a space station! You think it's going to be a cake walk? Hahah! Nope! Robots that will not let up and robot clones will mimic all your moves along the way to your next quest. You can use items to help you but they're robot limbs you pull off. If you can pass this level then you are now ready for.....
IDEAL LEVEL 7: Dueling finale!

This is it. The final level. The boss you just want to destroy is going to come out of a weird portal but a boss doesn't come out. Two bosses come out and you can't tell which is which. So the battle begins and now you have a set of bosses ganging up on you but you notice that one boss died a bit faster than the other, that was the clone! The strategy would be to grab the clone as it is about explode and toss it onto the real boss as that way you get leverage to defeat the real boss. I make it sound easy right? Once you defeat the boss you can happily so you did it! You beat the game! Now get some sleep. 
So there you have it. That's how I would design the levels. I haven't talked about this topic in a very long time but after writing this I now grow with impatience to make this dream come true. Next time We'll go into box art and and how the ad should look for my ideal game. Till next time. Luis Calderon blasting off!


11/01/2013 5:51am

These are simple games. How much I just spent time playing them.


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